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May 19, 2019 5 min read

Usually, when we buy a laptop, the main point is to be able to carry it around with us. Whether you're a student or a working professional, you want to be able to use your precious laptop wherever it pleases you. So what bag is the most adapted for you to carry your computer?

3 main types of bags

When it comes to carrying your laptop, the most common options are the following:

We could add "bare hands" but since you are reading this article, we are going to assume you actually care about your laptop's safety and understand the importance of putting it in a bag when you go out.

There isn't one that is better than the others. They are all different and serve different purposes.

The laptop sleeve

The sleeve is probably the most recent type of bags to shelter laptops. Usually designed to hold the laptop only, its size should closely match your device's. The reason you don't want an oversize sleeve to hold your laptop is that this type of bags do not have a handle, meaning you hold the bag in your arm, just like if you were holding the laptop itself. So imagine if you start running behind the tram or if you are taking the stairs... Your laptop would just bounce all over the inside of the bag. Well, it is probably no biggie since the interior lining of the sleeve would be soft and would not damage the computer.

The shoulder bag or briefcase

The reason why I am putting both together is that briefcases usually come with a shoulder strap (or maybe shoulder bags come with a handle...). These types of bags are probably the most common. There was a time when you could see waves of corporate people walk around with the same black canvas laptop shoulder bag. This time is far behind. Designers now use a wide range of materials and colors to make these laptop bags

They are appreciated for the hands-free experience they offer while being equipped with a top-handle. When wearing a shoulder bag you can also access its content easily without having to take it off. It's a versatile type of bag

The laptop backpack

Last but not least, the laptop backpack. Initially designed for students to carry their laptop, backpacks are now more and more popular among working professionals. Backpacks offer more space to carry any other material you may need to work, whether it is your laptop accessories (charger, mouse, etc.) or even books, pencil case or folders. A backpack is comfortable to wear as it divides the weight of the bag's content equally (unlike a shoulder bag). 

And if you're worried, a backpack is not professional enough, have a look at these laptop backpacks before definitely crossing them out of your list.

The classic laptop bag is a much-needed accessory that has both practical and visual benefits. After you’ve made the significant investment of purchasing a laptop, it’s important to do everything you can to protect it and promote its longevity. Thinking of the bag as insurance for your computer will allow you to truly appreciate the importance of purchasing a laptop bag that is sturdy, long-lasting and protective.

Before purchasing a laptop bag, there are some things to consider. Laptop bags come in a variety of designs to suit a variety of needs, both for those who prefer hand-held sleeves or messenger bags, as well as backpacks and over the shoulder totes. You should think of your purpose and buy a bag that suits your needs. For example, is the bag going to be used for work, pleasure, or ba variety of the two? Individuals are increasingly carrying their laptops with them nearly everywhere they go. A casual bag, suitable and styled for both work and pleasure, is a good option for most people.

So, how do you go about choosing the laptop bag that is right for you? Here are some factors you should think about before you buy:

Size matters

While this may sound obvious, the bag needs to fit your laptop. If the laptop bag doesn’t specify exactly what makes or models of laptops it works for, it’s a good idea to measure your laptop and compare it to the size of the bag, to ensure you’re making the right choice.

Ideally, have the laptop with you when you purchase the bag to see if it fits well. Buying a laptop bag that’s a comfortable fit for your laptop is imperative, as you don’t want to be spending minutes everyday shoving and wriggling your computer into your bag.

Work or pleasure?

If you solely use your laptop for work, then you’ll likely need something resilient and practical that can be carried to and from work with ease. If you catch public transport, the bag may need extra padding for those times you get knocked around on the bus or train during peak hour.

If you ride a bike or motorcycle, a backpack style laptop bag is the best option. If you walk, consider a bag that is waterproof for those rainy days, and one that won’t strain your back and shoulders. A backpack style bag is again a good option here.

Extra storage

It’s essential that your bag has pockets and separate compartments for your other accessories, such as USBs, notebooks, cables, batteries and your mouse. This will protect your laptop from bumps and scratches, as well as protecting your other items from being damaged by the weight of the laptop.

A laptop sleeve is only a good idea if you have the laptop itself and nothing else to carry unless you intend on placing the laptop in a sleeve and then into a backpack.

Making sure the bag is good quality

  • Durable fabric is a must. Your laptop is something you use everyday, and the bag is there to protect your computer. You want to ensure the fabric is both lightweight and durable. Plastic casing is also available, for those who prefer a hard top and extra coverage.
  • Quality zips are critical for keeping your laptop safely locked in the bag. You want them to last for years, as a broken zipper will deem the entire bag useless.
  • Extra padding on the bag itself, and particularly the shoulder strap, is ideal so that both the laptop and your spine is protected. Some laptops are quite weighty, and you don’t want the bag to cut into your shoulder when you’re carrying it.
  • Adjustable straps can help customise the design to better fit your body, as well as keeping the bag as ergonomic as possible for when you’re on your way to meetings or on the train and bus.
  • Waterproof lining is critical to ensure your laptop stays safe in all weather conditions. You don’t want to end up with a wet laptop!
  • Scratch-resistant compartments are necessary if you also want to carry an iPad or tablet in your laptop bag.

Representing your personal style

Some people are concerned only with the practicality of a laptop bag. For others, it’s an extension of their personal style and an accessory in itself. Think about whether you prefer the casual look or the slimline executive look. Remember, you’ll be carrying your laptop bag for most days of the week, so make sure you love the design and the way it looks on you.


While your laptop bag protects your computer, you want to protect the bag itself as well Choose one that comes with a warranty, so that you can return it and receive a new one if it breaks due to factors other than general wear and tear.

Carefully choosing a laptop bag for your workday

There are a number of factors to take into account when choosing a laptop bag, such as aesthetic style, practicality, and whether it’s right for your computer. Make sure it’s one that you enjoy wearing and that does its job correctly!