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May 12, 2019 3 min read

For the most forgetful of you, Australia Mother's Day is celebrated on the 12th of May. That gives you about 2 weeks to choose the perfect gift for your favorite person in the world! Why not a laptop bag?

When it comes to picking a gift for a woman, a bag is always a good idea. But have you ever thought about a laptop bag as a present? Here are 5 reasons that make it a great choice.

#1 It's time to buy her a new bag

For the past 10 years, she has been using the same bag to go to work. It's old, damaged, dirty... but she loves it. The truth is you hate that bag because it doesn't show how great your mom is and every time you see that thing hanging from her arm, or on her back, you feel a little twinge at your heart. 

It probably used to be a beautiful piece of craftwork, a vibrant and classy bag and it also was a reliable companion for all those years. Her bag followed her everywhere and this is why it looks in bad shape now.

Well, the time has come for this little guy to go to retirement. Set your mother free by offering her a brand new bag. And if you think she would have a hard time throwing her old one away, you can always abduct it (no need to ask for a ransom here) and pretend it went on a vacation far far away. 

And think about this, a laptop bag is like a double gift: a bag and protection to the laptop.

#2 A bag is a woman's best friend

"But she already has so many bags..." says you. But no one asked you to keep count my dear friend. And if your mother already has a good amount of bags in her possession, chances are that she would appreciate adding one in her collection. When it comes to bags and women, there is no such thing as "too much".

A bag is more than a tool for a woman. It is a faithful servant, always around to provide and carry things for her. So yes, it would be another bag but you could find satisfaction in the fact that this would be a bag that you gave her to carry her laptop.

#3 Her laptop will thank her (and you also)

A laptop is a precious object. If you ever doubt that, I suggest you go check the average price of such a device to any retailer store. And considering its price, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have it safe in a dedicated bag

Nothing hurts me more than seeing people walking around with their laptop in their hands, just like it is a piece of paper. Now, I understand that we often need to move with our laptop and don't necessarily have the time to put it away, safely, before doing so but you never know what could happen and how fast it could happen, so you should always have it in its bag when moving it. 

A sleeve is a perfect option if she often has to move around with her laptop. It's easy to close and carry.

 #4 A personal gift

Before even starting, let me remind you that you should never look inside the bag of a woman without asking her first (yes, even if she is your mother). A bag is the reflection of her lifestyle and opening it is like having a look at her intimacy.

If you ask 100 women what type of bag they prefer, you would probably have 100 different answers. As I said earlier, a woman's bag reveals her personality. Some would prefer, something classy, some would argue that it has to be convenient, comfortable, etc. So getting your mother a laptop bag is a way to show her you know what she needs it and what she likes.

#5 Laptop bags come in all colors and shape

In my opinion, this is the best reason. Designers have understood that more and more women bring their laptop everywhere with them and adapted to this. Laptop bags are not this awful shoulder bags or briefcases old junior corporates use to carry, they are made of beautiful and resistant fabric.

For different situations come different bags. The backpack offers hands-free comfort while a sleeve is more for on-the-go situations. But you might also consider a more classic laptop bag or even a handbag.

The important thing is that your gift is useful.


(Photo by Giftpundits)