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October 08, 2019 2 min read

In order to keep your laptop bag clean and increase its lifetime, here is a useful guide on how to care for your bag

As the keeper of your most valuable work (or study) tool, your laptop bag follows you in most of your daily adventures. It doesn't matter if you use public transport or your car to commute; with time, the bag will get dirty.

But how dirty are we talking?

Let's imagine that you used your bag as a lunch tray and put a ketchup stain on it while eating your meat pie. This probably sounds like a joke to you but I've seen this happen.

Grab some tissue and get rid of it as much as possible. I used ketchup as an example but you could apply this tip for any other kind of stain. Just take a clean and dry piece of tissue and remove the stain without stroking too hard.

Now, you only did half of the job, so this is where the washing part happens. Take another clean and dry piece of the tissue you were using and put some water on it. It shouldn't be soaking wet. You'll have to put light pressure and clean the fabric of the laptop bag

You could also use a wet soft brush. Stroke the bag till the stain is gone (and till you don't smell that awful ketchup sauce). 

If you have browsed our website, you know laptop bags come in all sizes and shapes. Sleeves, backpacks, shoulder bags or briefcases. So even though the above tips are relevant, keep in mind that all laptop bags cannot be treated the same way. 

Canvas fabric laptop bags have the disadvantage of absorbing stains but are actually easier to clean than leather bags

One last thing: whatever you heard or read, DO NOT PUT your laptop bag in the washing machine!

After cleaning your bag, you want to let it dry ideally outdoors. But do not put the bag directly under the sun as it would damage it.