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October 08, 2019 4 min read

The very best laptop sleeves, available right now!

To be fair, let's start by saying that it would be accurate to say that the question "what is the best laptop sleeve?" doesn't have a simple answer. Nevertheless, our mission in this guide is to provide you with all the elements so that you can purchase the perfect item for your needs.

Buying a laptop sleeve isn't exactly like picking up a tote bag to go grocery shopping. The sleeve has to meet your needs. A professional working in a library or café may need to take a charger and a mouse with his or her laptop whereas the student heading to uni for a 2-hours lecture won't bother. Likewise, depending on the kind of laptop you have, the accessories that come with it could have different sizes. 

But if you want to know what we think are the 5 best laptop sleeves - regardless of your situation - keep on reading.

In this guide, you will find different types of sleeves, made in different materials. Some of them come with a small pouch for accessories, others don't. But each and every one of the sleeves we present you stands out in some way. Be it that it offers something unique or because it has the best value for its price.


Best Laptop Sleeves 2019 Summary:

  1. Black Plaid Laptop Sleeve
  2. Bumper Laptop Sleeve Case
  3. Merino Wool Laptop Sleeve Set
  4. Treway Laptop Sleeve
  5. Leather Sleeve Set

1. Black Plaid Laptop Sleeve

A unique look for the perfect protection!

Available for AU$57.95

Its bulky look won't necessarily please everyone but there is no doubt that its features will satisfy the large majority of people. Built in neoprene and polyester, the Black Plaid Laptop Sleeve's primary mission is to protect the physical integrity of your device. And it does it perfectly. When you open the sleeve you will notice pads all over the lining that offer shock-absorption. This first degree of safeguard is backed up by the reinforced edges and bottom corners armors for a 360° protection. The sleeve is (of course) water-resistant, so don't panic if you spill your morning coffee on it!


we like  we dislike
  • the 360° protection offered by the sleeve
  • the unique design of the sleeve...
  • naturally easy to handle
  • only available in 1 size (17.3"), so very large
  • ... that won't necessarily be to everybody's liking.


 2. Bumper Laptop Sleeve Case

The anti-slippery laptop sleeve!

 Available for AU$65.95 

The Bumper Sleeve Case is a neoprene and silicone laptop sleeve. Easy to carry and with a sober look, it will protect your laptop efficiently. The particularity of the Bumper Sleeve Case is that even though it is easy to fold and twist, it will absorb shocks. The silicone coat removes any risk to see the laptop sleeve slip from a surface and also easy to handle. The product also features a magnetic closing (replacing the traditional zippers) that should potentially extend its lifespan. 


we like  we dislike
  • available in 3 colors (black, grey and pink) and 4 sizes (11", 12", 13.3" and 14")
  • anti-slippery silicone coat
  • naturally easy to handle
  • not available for larger laptops (15"+)
  • design is maybe too plain
  • can be seen as pricey


3. Merino Wool Laptop Sleeve Set

The softness of wool with a pouch!

Available at AU$47.95


The Merino Wool Laptop Sleeve Set isn't one of our best-sellers for no reason. Its simple design suits both men and women and professionals as well as students appreciate the laptop sleeve set. If the idea of carrying a pouch on top of your laptop doesn't make sense to you, think about it this way. First of all, you don't have to take it with you but it is some extra space that you will soon judge necessary. Whether you want to take a mouse, charger, portable battery, hard drive or anything else you can think about, the pouch will carry it. Some people are reluctant to the idea of putting their laptop with accessories in the same compartment and this is exactly what a set prevents. 


we like  we dislike
  • available in 2 colors (black and grey ) and 5 sizes (11", 13", 13.3", 14" and 15.6")
  • the simple yet beautiful merino wool look
  • the velcro closing...
  • would be even better if there were more colors available
  • ... that doesn't age well (after a year or two)


 4. Treway Laptop Sleeve

It has all the pockets you need!

Available for AU$44.95


If you are always anxious about having to carry an extra bag for pencils, your phone, your wallet, and all your other essentials, the Treway Laptop Sleeve has got your back. Featuring 3 zipper pockets on its front, the sleeve is the ideal companion. You should be able to keep the important things close to you in only one bag. The sleeve is also equipped with a top handle that allows you to carry it like a briefcase, vertically, very handy!


we like
 we dislike
  • available in 6 colors (black and grey ) and 4 sizes (12", 13.3", 14" and 15")
  • the 3 zipper pockets...
  • the top handle
  • ... that can be too much for some people


5. Leather Sleeve Set

The right set for all your equipment!

Available for AU$51.95


Too many people complain for not having enough space in their sleeve to take accessories with them. Mouse, harddrive, chargers have a hard time fitting in shallow sleeves. Well, fear not! The Leather Laptop Sleeve Set will solve all your issues. This 4-parts set initially designed for Macbooks will allow you to carry everything you need to make your laptop work. Elegant and simple it's appreciated by both women and men. Working professionals will enjoy the leather composition.


we like
 we dislike
  • the leather composition...
  • the 4 parts that compose the set...
  • the price for a leather sleeve
  • only available in 2 colors (red and black)  and 2 sizes (13" and 15")
  • ...that can get scratches
  • ...maybe overkill