Bumper Laptop Sleeve Case 12-inch


The right protection from a simple laptop sleeve

With the 12-inch Bumper Laptop Sleeve Case, we brought protection to a whole new level. As the perfect mix between the laptop sleeve and the laptop case, it will ensure the physical integrity of your device when you will carry it. Made in high-quality neoprene and silicone, the sleeve guarantees that your laptop is perfectly safe when in it. 

More than a regular laptop sleeve

The laptop sleeve's robustness actually comes from its flexibility. As soon as you will get the Bumper Laptop Sleeve Case in your hands, you will notice the unique touch of the silicone external layer. It allows the sleeve to bend and avoid marks. But it also makes it water repellent and anti-slippery. The neoprene lining prevents the laptop from dust and scratches while allowing and easy access to slide your computer in and out.


  • Laptop sleeve
  • Magnetic closure
  • Material: silicone and neoprene
  • Water repellent
  • Anti-shock
  • Designed for 12-inch laptop and tablets
  • Comes in 3 colors