Peaceful Raccoon Wool Laptop Sleeve


Smart and peaceful: swap your laptop sleeve for a raccoon

This cute and peaceful raccoon may not look like it, but it is a great guardian. The perfect animal to watch over your laptop. Made in soft and beautiful black and grey wool felt, this laptop sleeve is the perfect fashion accessory to carry your device. At the top of the sleeve, you will find a velcro flap that allows you to access the content of the bag. 

The cutest raccoon for the cutest laptop sleeve

Having a raccoon as a laptop sleeve is already adorable: aren't they charming with their natural black eye mask and their soft and warm hair coat? But to really make you feel like it is yours, we made that sleeve even more delightful: the raccoon can open up his arms! It's up to you if you want to cuddle... we won't judge.


  • Laptop sleeve
  • Velcro fastening
  • Material: wool felt
  • Available in 6 sizes