Orgo Laptop Sleeve

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The very first boho laptop sleeve

Owning a laptop doesn't necessarily mean that you are a Bitcoin trader working in a skyscraper in the CBD, running throughout the city from meetings to meetings and attending worldwide conventions about the latest economics trends... No! You could also be a wild and free spirit interested in finding the mysteries of life on the internet and meeting likeminded people. If that sounds like you, then this laptop sleeve is the right match for you. 

The sleeve's print features earthy colors and an abstract yet appealing and relaxing pattern. If a stressful thought pops up in your mind, just look at the sleeve to return to a more relaxed state.

The right amount of space from your laptop sleeve set

As the perfect mix between the briefcase and the laptop sleeve, this laptop bag is both handy and stylish. It comes with a smaller pouch in which you will be able to put all your laptop essentials (mouse, charger, etc.).


  • Laptop sleeve set
  • Zipper fastening
  • Material: canvas and polyester
  • Water repellent
  • Designed for 11, 13 & 15 inches laptops and tablets.

Internal dimensions:

11-inch: 30.5x 20x2.5cm
13-inch: 33.5x23.5x3cm
15-inch: 39x27.5x 3cm