Mandala Laptop Sleeve Set

Light Blue
Rose Gold
Ultra Violet

Inspired by Indian religions the Mandala Laptop Sleeve Set is a unique piece of our laptop sleeves collection. Relaxing and beautiful, the print on the sleeve will easily make you stand out.

  • Laptop sleeve
  • Laptop charger pouch
  • Material: canvas
  • Zipper closure
  • Available in 6 sizes


Sleeve Size Dimensions Suitable for laptops
11-inch 30x21x2cm 9" to 10.6"
12-inch 30.5x22*2cm 11.6" to 12"
13-inch 34x24.5x2cm 12.6" to 13.3"
MacBook Air 13" 31x2.5x2cm
14-inch 37x25x2cm 14"/14.1"
15-inch 38.5x27x2cm 15"/15.6"