Lone Wolf Laptop Sleeve


Don't wait for next Halloween to get this laptop sleeve

If you want to stand out of the pack, become a lone wolf. So if you want your laptop to stand out, why not carrying it in this beautiful laptop sleeve? Made with high-quality neoprene, it will protect your laptop from the dust and all sorts of light shocks. The sleeve is also perfectly adjusted to the size of your laptop to enjoy a comfortable experience when carrying it. No more laptop moving around inside the bag when walking with it in your hands. 


  • Laptop Sleeve
  • Material: neoprene
  • Zipper closure
  • Available in 6 sizes
Sleeve Size Dimensions Suitable for laptops
10-inch 28x22cm 9" to 10.6"
12-inch 31x21.5cm 11.6" to 12"
13-inch 34x26cm 12.6" to 13.3"
14-inch 37x28cm 14"/14.1"
15-inch 39.5x30cm 15"/15.6"
 17-inch 43.5x32cm 17"/17.3"