Bear Dino Leather Laptop Sleeve


A bear or a dino, only you know what is on your laptop sleeve

Concentrate of cuteness and style, this leather laptop sleeve features a bear in disguise. It will be up to you to decide whether the bear is wearing the dinosaur or if it is the other way around. 

Not just a cute laptop sleeve

Yes, this is a very cute laptop sleeve, but cuteness is not the only thing that defines a good sleeve. The high-quality PU leather the bag is made from coupled with the soft and warm velvet lining inside is the reason why this bag is absolutely bear-fect! Once inside, your device is perfectly safe from scratches and dust. The dimensions of the sleeve were chosen to prevent your laptop from moving around inside the bag when you carry it. 


  • Laptop sleeve
  • Material: PU leather & velvet
  • Double top handle
  • Zipper closure
  • Water-resistant
  • Comes in 4 sizes
Sleeve Size Internal Dimensions
12-inch 30.5x20.5x2cm
13-inch 34.5x24.5x2cm
14-inch 35.5x25.5x2cm
15-inch 39.5x27.5x2cm