Abstract Beach Laptop Sleeve

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Enjoy the perfect summer retreat with our beach laptop sleeve!  

What better way to prepare your next vacation than to carry your laptop in a vibrant sleeve reminding you of exotic beaches? The ocean, the sand and palm trees... A perfect association printed on this laptop sleeve to get a break from your busy life. 

Travel just by holding your laptop sleeve

It's not every day that we get to watch such a relaxing abstract landscape. The pastel colors that compose the beautiful picture printed on the laptop sleeve easily remind us of French artist Marie Laurencin's masterwork. In the simple association of sand and palm trees, we are traveling to a faraway destination in which the time is almost non-existent.


  • Laptop sleeve
  • Material: neoprene
  • Zipper closure
  • Frontal zipper pocket
  • Waterproof
  • Available in 7 sizes
Sleeve Size Dimensions Suitable for laptops
10-inch 27x21x3cm 9" to 10.6"
12-inch 30x22.5x3cm 11.6" to 12"
13-inch 33x24.5x3cm 12.6" to 13.3"
14-inch 36.5x26.5x3cm 14"/14.1"
15-inch 38.5x28.5x3cm 15"/15.6"
 17-inch 42.5x31.5x3cm 17"/17.3"