Space Cartoon Laptop Sleeve

Dark Blue

A cosmic laptop sleeve for the dreamers out there.

Head out to space and discover our universe with the Space Cartoon Laptop Sleeve. The cosmic way to protect and carry your laptop. The picture was obviously not taken by NASA's satellites but in our minds, it is a pretty accurate representation of the astral elements that compose the universe. Moons, planets, stars... you will all find them on this laptop sleeve.

A funny neoprene laptop sleeve for your computer

This laptop sleeve is available in 6 different sizes, so whatever the model of your laptop, you will find the right size for it. The neoprene fabric is waterproof and will also protect your laptop from dust, scratches and light shocks. So even in space, you can carry your precious device worry-free!


  • Laptop sleeve

  • Material: neoprene

  • Double zipper closure

  • Waterproof

  • Available in 6 sizes

Sleeve Size Dimensions Suitable for laptops
10-inch 27x21x3cm 9" to 10.6"
12-inch 30x22.5x3cm 11.6" to 12"
13-inch 33x24.5x3cm 12.6" to 13.3"
14-inch 36x26.5x3cm 14"/14.1"
15-inch 38.5x29.5x3cm 15"/15.6"
 17-inch 41.5x32.5x3cm 17"/17.3"